Introduction to TILES

FundPlaces is an online platform where users can discover, research and invest in global real estate opportunities, starting from as low as S$1,000.

Through the smart application of technologies like the blockchain, we have lowered the cost of ownership and transactions to make it easy and effective for anyone to build up a global real estate portfolio.

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How Do I Earn a Return?


On-Going Returns

TILE holders are entitled to the economic benefits and cashflows of the reference asset. When the reference asset earns a return through rental or interest payments, the returns are electronically sent to your TILE in the form of tokens. You can exchange your tokens for cash at any time.


Capital Appreciation

The value of your TILE can change over time as the reference asset changes in value over time.

When Can I Sell My Tile?

Whenever you like. You can sell your TILES at anytime six months after the initial purchase of the TILES. Simply set your selling price and the number of TILES you wish to sell, and wait for other members to buy your TILES.

You can also sell your TILES back to the Issuer when the underlying asset which the TILES references has been realised. TILES holders will be notified via email when TILES can be sold directly back to the Issuer.

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What is a Tile?
(How is the investment structured)

A TILE is a digital token on the blockchain that is entitled to the economic benefits of the underlying assets that it references. The details of the underlying asset are permanently stored as metadata and a reference to the metadata is stored directly on the blockchain.

Information that is stored will include.


Project Name


Number of TILES Initially Issued




Legal entity that owns the asset

Each asset is legally held by a special purpose vehicle (“Issuer”), which is separate and distinct from FundPlaces Pte Ltd.

Please refer to this technical white paper for more information.

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